Billing & Receipt

Desktop PC is mostly used for billing purposes in a resto. Eresto app is designed and developed in such a way that it eliminates the need of it thereby saving space and electricity. With eresto all resto operations including Billing & Receipt can easily be done on mobile and tablets.

Key Features

Generate and Print Bill from Mobile

Simple UI for billing & receipt. You can easily modify invoices and print invoices using a mobile or tablet.

Multiple Printer Options

Print Invoice, KOTs, Reports on Multiple Printers like Thermal Printer or Laser Printer. May it be on LAN or Wifi or Shared Printer.

Multiple Bill Formats

Eresto allows multiple bill formats either the thermal printer or Laser Printer. Users can easily choose or switch between the two.

Share Bill on SMS/WhatsApp

Resto can share bills via SMS/Whatsapp and save on paper and printing costs.

Configurable Taxes, Discounts and Tips

With eresto Users can easily change Tax Rates, Discounts or Tips to include in the bill.

Receipt Collection

Users can mark single or multiple receipt accounts against bills very easily and get it in reports and analysis.

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