Dynamic Digital Menu

Nowadays, hard copy menus are being replaced by digital menus. A digital menu apart from being a contactless menu enhances the overall customer experience because of its easy access and effortless customisation. eresto Digital Menu is not only a menu but its a customer engagement platform where customers are presented with a dynamic digital menu instead of a PDF menu or static menu.

Key Features

Menu On QR Code

On QR Code Scan, It lets a Guest view the Menu on Mobile Browser without need to install a Mobile App. Being Touch-Less it's covid compliant too.

Multilingual Menu

With eresto, Menu Items can be shown in Regional Langauge too along with English. Also, the Change of Regional language is just a click away.

Session wise Menu

With eresto a resto can have a separate customised menu for each session like Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner etc. With diff Items and pricing and menu theme.

Social Media and Contact Details on Menu

Resto can integrate its social media and contact details with menu in a way that customer can reach out to resto directly from menu.

Image Slider on Top of Menu

Use this to showcase/advertise anything you want. Like Promotion of upcoming events or offers. Co-branding of other similar businesses.

Multiple Menu Templates

Multiple different menu templates can be created and assigned to different Resto sessions or day. Thus with eresto a resto can have separate menus style, different pricing and priorities as per its requirements.

Multiple Menu Theme

A resto can choose any one of 6 menu themes available with eresto as per their business model. Change of Menu Theme is just a click away.

Separate Menu for Resto, Room n Cloud Kitchen

With eresto it's possible for a hotel to have diff menu for restaurant, room and parcel Delivery. With this feature, a hotel can utilise its kitchen for its restaurant, room service and cloud kitchen.

Day Wise Menu

With eresto you can design menu Templates for specific days wherein you can customise the menu as per your requirement and switch between the menus with a single click.

Show Your Menu On Your Own Website

Its possible to Host your Dynamic Menu on your own website.

Special Offer

Add a Specail offer button in your menu from which you can inform your customer any special offer as and when required.

Terms and Conditions

Add Terms and Conditions in your menu for security and Information perpose.

Eresto Menus

As of now, there are 7 diff menu themes available with eresto. Here are some glimpses of them.

Different Pricing For Same Items

Set Different Price of same item for Different Days like Week end and week days
Set Different Price of same item for Restaurant, Room Service and Delivery
All these in single click or Tap

Queue Management

In rush hours, efficient Queue management is the key to enhance overall resto performance and revenue. With eresto Queue management becomes very easy and effortless.

Manage Queue from Mobile App.
Customers can Register for Queue Entry from Mobile by Scanning QR Code.
Call/SMS to Customer Directly from Mobile App.
Geofencing for Customer Queue Entry.
Queue Session Analysis and Records.

Customer Feedback

Input shared by your guests about their experiences with your resto is a vital parameter to look into. Proper feedback management can help to improve overall resto performance and customer sustainability and hence business growth.

Dynamic Customer Feedback Forms that you can Customise
Separate Customer Feedback Forms for Rooms and Resto
Can select eresto app in-built customer reviews or third party customer reviews like google or Tripadvisor.
You can View Detailed Analysis of Customer Reviews on Mobile App

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