Reports & Analytics

Using eresto a resto can have In-depth Real-Time Data Analytics reports on finger tips. Senior Management level user can share the reports on whatsapp direct from eresto app too. All reports can further be nevigated to reach to root of each record as per users wish.

Key Features

Sales Reports

A detailed and In-depth Sales report with all possible queries can be generated and printed or shared direct from eresto app. The report further gives flexibility to nevigate to the root of data upto a single Item order details from sales report.

Day Book Report

Keep up with all the happenings of your business with the restaurant daily sales reports from App. Besides, these restaurant reports help you expertly break down your day-to-day performance and formulate strategies to grow your business gradually.

Receipt Collection

The Receipt Collection Summary report provides the receipt account wise detailed summary of collection.

Exception Report

As the name suggests Exception Report is critical and important. You can get all those incidents in this report which is sheer deviation from your set operational procedures and practices need your top priority attention.

Items Sales Report

Its Item wise sales report in terms of Revenue and Quantity. Further it can be filtered session wise and order type wise. This report enables a resto to take some vital decisions about choice of their customers and inventories to be maintained.

Customer Insights

Customer engagements is the key to success of any restaurant. This report gives detailed analysis about customer engagements like no or repeat customers, no of registered customers etc.

Service Performance Report

This report gives an insight to kitchen and delivery staff performance that helps to make inference of anything going wrong with service quality and helps to improve the service performance in time.

Attendnace Report

Attendance report as the name suggests gives attendance details of staff with filters. Payroll and HR Management is an area we are exploring and aimed to include in future.

Download and Share report with excel and Pdf

All reports can be downloaded in pdf and excel and can be shared from app if the user has proper permission to do so.

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