Advantages of using eresto

eresto is designed to empower each one in the resto ecosystem to get done their tasks within some clicks on a mobile or tablet in their hand.

Owner Advantages

Using the eresto App, an Owner or Manager can easily perform and track the whole resto operations from their mobile.

Right From Menu to KOT generation to Billing and Collection in One App.
Change Resto Dynamics and Parameters on few clicks.
Easy and Real-time Monitoring of Daily Operations.
Assign or withdraw rights to control staff access.
Can view Live Real-Time Staff Attendance Records.
In-depth Real-Time Data Analytics and Reports that can be seen and shared on and from mobile on Few clicks.

Staff Advantages

Captain/Kitchen Supervisor
Customers can Order online from Mobile/Tablet.
Instant notification to Kitchen on Submit KOT.
Track Single Item order Status on Mobile.
Get Alert for unusual delay in service.
Resto Manager/F&B Manager
Supervise overall Resto Operation from Mobile.
Billing on/from Mobile Tablet (No need of Desktop/Laptop).
Real-Time In-Depth Data Analysis Reports on Mobile.

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